The practice of Lewis and de Kroon arose out of an amalgamation in late 1991 between the two practices of M.J. Lewis Stefanutto and Partners and de Kroon Krige Skarzynski and Partners. Both practices had been established in their own right for over 20 years, and it was felt that an amalgamation would serve to strengthen the ability of the partners to continue to give the type of personal service they had always tried to give. In August 1995, Franco Stefanutto resigned from the practice. In April of 2003 Rob Holmes a Court, who had been a partner of de Kroon Krige Skarzynski for some 30 years, emigrated to Australia.

The Practice was changed to an Incorporated company in 2007.

The practice is proud of the fact that they have always followed a practice of employment and promotion of staff purely on merit, and have on a number of occasions employed staff from an underprivileged background straight out of school, giving them on the job training. Some of these staff members are still with us.

The practice is a level 2 BEE Company with 32% owned by Previously Disadvantaged members.